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Arkanes live escape

2015 - Arkanes

The Science of Escaping.

Arkanes is a live escape game in the historic center of Toulouse.

You will have to use your intelligence, your logic, and your personnal skills as well as your team spirit to save the world!
Starting Point : On december 30 of 2023, a biochemical attack ravaged the world.
Five years later, signs of life have become sparce. Yet Arkanes just located a bizarre and unique source of energy and decided to send their best man on the field : YOU.

But how do we create a website without revealing too much to create a plot by visiting Arkanes online?

CMJN 81/64/45/42


RVB 50/65/81



CMJN 37/36/56/20


RVB 154/138/109



Arkanes Live Escape : A brand experience

We decided to give a unique aspect to Arkanes’ own visual presence online by staying in a monochrome palette of blue and gold. We also designed logo as an escape door playing with “A” form, custom icons and animations that extend Arkanes’ image and the fully responsive website.