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Electro Alternativ’ 15 years documentary

2020 - Regarts

15 years of electronic music in Toulouse

Electro Alternativ’ is a cultural festival and artistic laboratory born in Toulouse in 2004.

Listening to the times and to all future creatives, the festival claims a forward-looking and pioneering vision, in search of the artists of tomorrow and emerging aesthetics, always on the lookout for new uses and innovative practices.

With a completely independent, demanding and constantly renewed program, the festival combines the values of openness and diversity. He claims the universality of music and cultivates transversality and artistic decompartmentalization, thus multiplying forays into all creative fields.

Our mission was to make a documentary film that stands out from the usual video reports by creating dreamlike memories and subjective immersion. 
We wanted to defend simple values like:
– Mixity
– Dialogue
– Relationship
– Proximity
– Communion

We brought a fresh perspective to the Electro Alternativ’ festival by turning it towards the future.