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2021 - M120

New brand. New face.

LCB is the abbreviation of “Les Complexes Biotechniques”.

LCB was born in 1976 and carries with its name the values that founded it: Complexes meaning cosmetic formulas, and Biotechniques to characterize the direction of research work, the selection of ingredients from Nature and the fruits of Science.

The LCB brand is professional care intended for beauticians, cosmetics whose formulas highly dosed in active ingredients are the same for consumers …

Since the end of 2020, we have managed all cross-platform media productions for the LCB brand of M120 laboratories.
The creative processes had to be readjusted because of the COVID 19 pandemic and thus answer with a new way of communicating to both professionals and consumers on social networks. 

LCB therefore entrusts us with all its photo & video packshots, motion design as well as content creation for professionals & individuals.