Le Weekend des Curiosités

2016 - Le Bikini

Living For Curiosity

“Le Weekend des Curiosités” is surely one of the most important festivals of the year in Toulouse.

This festival brings together groups of diverse horizons. The Bikini and Bleu Citron at the initiative of this festival devote their choice of programming to discoveries and emerging artists alternative scenes with always a few headliners.

Our team has put its skills and know-how to give the festival a modern and innovative identity.

The production of video and photos in festivals is an essential tool of communication today to animate social networks and to register it in time and thus ensure its legitimacy.

With a team of 10 people, we filmed and photographed the festival’s concerts for 6 years running, making acoustic sessions and conducting interviews. Our work did not stop at just providing complete coverage of “Le Weekend des Curiosités” but also creating an experience around the festival by giving it a unique dimension by creating creative content.